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Our cast and crew had an amazing time shooting and producing a trailer and short film for Edward Roy, author of Bullets in the Fire. This gripping period memoir is the story of Mr. Roy’s mother, known as New York Red, a gorgeous numbers writer who worked for the New York Mafia during the Depression Era.

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John G. Riley House Museum

Thank you to John G. Riley House Museum and Cultural Center in Tallahassee, Florida for allowing us to cover your social media alerts.

We recently completed our edit of the upcoming book Bullets in the Fire: the Saga of New York Red by author Edward Roy (coming soon). Believe me, this one is a smoker!

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The late Dr. C.T. Vivian (Civil Rights Icon) and Hank Stewart (Hank Stewart Foundation)

Xernona Clayton (Trumpet Awards Founder) and Kelly Ragin (Editor-in-Chief, MyStory Publications)

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Marie-Antoinette Tichler (C2 Legacy and TOADD)


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Congratulations to editing client RC Marshall, on your June 2019 book launch and for winning the Authors’ Pitch Contest!

Forged: The Making of Her by RC Marshall (6/2019)