DP Global Media brings you Denise Powell’s “Welcome to the A!”, the only resource you’ll ever need to enjoy life and achieve success in Metro Atlanta!

Denise Powell is an author, photographer, and videographer, whose love for the written word and for capturing people and places on camera have been passions of hers since childhood. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University, with an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Before moving to Atlanta, Denise watched many friends and associates move to Atlanta only to return to their hometowns months later. This cautioned Denise to make a more informed move. This led her to find answers to 5 of the most important questions that everyone must ask and answer before moving to Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

In spite of her preparation, her move coincided with the 2006 recession, which led to a subsequent job loss. Had she not been otherwise prepared by her earlier explorations, these events would have been catastrophic and sent her packing back to Florida.

The things she did right and the things she did wrong motivated Denise to write this book, in hopes of making other new ATLiens’ moves to Georgia a lot easier.

Although her focus in this book is on life in Atlanta, Denise encourages everyone everywhere to embrace life and enjoy where they live to the fullest. By Denise’s observations, “Every city and town has its best kept secrets. It’s up to us to find them!” This book brings what you need to know about Atlanta to you.

“Welcome to the A!” is not a book of photographs. But you can follow Denise on this website and on her social media pages to keep up with some of her best shots daily, and stay current on events and developments all aound Metro Atlanta:

Facebook: denise powell and denise powell media

Instagram: @denisepowellatl

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